Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Better Business Bureau

When I was in school and in college, I respected the Better Business Bureau; a lot. From their advice articles to how they help dispute issues between customers and businesses. I always wondered why some local business owners did not like them. Until I opened a business of my own.

About May 2012 I decided to open my own business. I was going through an 11 week business course later that summer. I had received a call from the Better Business Bureau wondering if I wanted to have my relatively new business accredited. "Sure." I said expecting some sort of honesty test or some way of proving my credentials.

That wasn't what they wanted. Instead they wanted a lump sum of money via check or credit card. I'm not going to get into specifics here, because I hardly remember the exact amount. But I do remember at the time I did not have the amount of money necessary for their cover charge. The Accreditation was extra.

Recently I was researching a company that had been spamming my phone once a day everyday. So I look them up on Better Business Bureau, and well they have an A+ they may not be that bad of a company. Well, they have 100% negative feedback. How is that possible?

Should the BBB give themselves an F?
After this I realize that maybe the BBB aren't the saints they claim themselves to be. Which could be why the bigger operations get the best grades while receiving the most negative feedback, and the small business owners I know can't even afford to compete, or even to be listed on the BBB website.

And then to make matters worse I'm not the only one that has made these connections. There's this, and also check out the BBB's Consumer Affairs ratings as well.

What's your thoughts on the Better Business Bureau?

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