Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why I continue to use adblockers.

Despite great backlash from content providers and news sites alike, I still continue to use adblocking software when I browse the web and often advocate other users to use adblocking as well. The primary reason is security, I'm not trying to cut anyone out of profit but until ad networks start vetting their paying advertisers, it's almost necessary to run an adblocker.

For instance, sometimes when you go to a website to download a file or program, even on reputable websites, the kind of ads their network runs will contain a link, or image of a button that say's "Download now." And the only way to tell which ones are advertisements and the one that's real, is the fine text that says "advertisement." Most of the time the ad directs them to a near, or blatantly malicious site.

Which one of these download buttons are real? At least Softonic
 is good about marking one as safe, but not all sites do that.

Most computer users do not pay attention to that text and often will click the wrong download link/button. That is often how they end up with malware on their computers. And with the latest forms of malware being more destructive than ever, it is not acceptable for advertisement networks to be relaxed in their vetting policy for advertisements.

As a computer expert in both software and hardware, I personally know the signs between safe, and fake download links. But I would rather not be bothered to try to tell the difference between two, or several download links on a page. That's why I think it should be against advertising policy to run banners that contain anything about downloading something, especially on a download mirror.

I find it an insult to injury that some sites that prompt you to disable your adblocker before viewing are the ones that run the most intrusive advertisements. Like the advertisements they run is completely disruptive to the reading experience on their site but they don't seem to care, as long as they see some pay from it.

If a site runs non-intrusive or confusing advertising, then I have no problem disabling my blocker for those sites, which I have on occasion, and for Youtube.

Do you run an adblocker? If so what kind do you use? Currently I use Adblock Plus, and have for a while. But there are several other legitimate adblockers available.

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